Gently Remove Dirt, Mold or Rust

Pro Wash offers soft washing in Kenly & Goldsboro, NC

If you have buildup on surfaces that require a more gentle approach than a typical pressure wash, you need a modern cleaning method that can remove dirt without any force. Soft washing allows us to use the force of normal garden hose to remove tough stains on roofs or siding. Trust the experts to remove unwanted stains without damaging your property.

Pro Wash, LLC has over a decade of experience performing pressure washing and soft washing service in Kenly, NC, and Goldsboro, NC. We offer free estimates and fully insured work. Call us today to ask about soft washing for your home or business.

How soft washing works in just 3 simple steps

How soft washing works in just 3 simple steps

When you hire us for soft washing service, the process couldn't be any simpler. The magic is in the biodegradable solution we use. Get spotless clean siding or shingles in these 3 steps:

  • Gently spray a safe chemical solution over surfaces.
  • Wait anywhere from 15-30 minutes for solution to break down dirt.
  • Rinse away to reveal the completely clean surface.

Protect delicate roofing and shingle materials while removing unwanted dirt and stains. Call 919-583-3754 today to schedule your soft washing service.