Looking for Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning in Kenly or Goldsboro, NC?

Our car upholstery cleaning service will spiff up your ride

Has that new car smell been replaced with a mysterious stale odor? To restore your car's fabric, get vehicle upholstery cleaning using professional equipment. Pro Wash, LLC has your back with car upholstery cleaning service in Kenly, NC, and Goldsboro, NC.

We've been cleaning cars for over a decade, and we've seen our fair share of stains and spills. Do you have kids riding in the back? They can make an absolute mess of your upholstery. Dogs are another common mess maker with hair and smelly toys hidden in every crevice of the seats.

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Trust the professionals to remove every smell and stain

Trust the professionals to remove every smell and stain

Of course, you could do an okay job cleaning your vehicle with the traditional vacuum. That might pick up the surface-level dirt, hair and allergens, but for cleaning that goes deep into the upholstery, you need specialized equipment.

Don't waste your time and energy trying to clean everything yourself. We'll bring our professional cleaning equipment to remove even the toughest grime. Contact your local cleaning experts today for a car upholstery cleaning service.